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New Zealand Esports Hyperfibre League

Have you ever wanted to say you’re among the best League of Legends or Valorant players in the country?

Well, your chance to walk the walk has arrived! New Zealand Esports is proud to announce the inaugural season of our flagship event, the newly-minted New Zealand Esports Hyperfibre League, is only weeks away, and registrations are open now! 

The event begins on the 9th of August, with teams from around the country representing their regions in our new Guild system. Each team will play two games a week in a Swiss ladder system to find out who are the best of the best. Following the regular season, top teams will advance to a Guild playoff, with a champion representative from each Guild squaring off against other Guild to score a place in the next round.  

Don’t worry though, the event won’t just be online! Those victorious qualifiers from around the country will advance to a live Grand Final to be held in early October, with a place in the history books beckoning for those who triumph in the debut season of the New Zealand Esports Hyperfibre League. 

If you’re interested in competing, registrations are free and will close in early August ahead of the competition beginning. Currently only full teams are able to register on our website, so if you’re a solo or a duo confident you can bring the magic, join our Discord to find potentially your fellow championship-winning teammates! 

If you’re more interested in being behind the scenes than clicking heads or winning teamfights, volunteer admin positions for NZEHL will be available! If that’s more your speed, head over to our volunteer page, let us know what game you’re interested in administrating, and we’ll be in touch! 

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ here. 

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