Community Grant funding

Thank you for your interest in applying for a community grant. Seeking funding from various community and sporting groups is a great way to get your esports initiative off the ground and we’re here to help support you on that journey. Below you will find information about the two different ways we can help.


NZ Esports Community Fund

We believe that esports has the power to unite, inspire and create opportunities – especially at a grassroots level. We’re also aware that many of our members have incredible esports projects that are critical for the growth of esports that don’t always meet the requirements to secure outside funding.

This is why we’ve created the NZ Esports Community Fund – a dedicated fund that is set aside to help fund effective, community-driven projects.

The fund is sourced from a portion of every member’s annual fees, so together, we can make a real impact on the esports community in New Zealand. Whether it’s supporting grassroots tournaments, helping develop up and coming talent, or creating new opportunities for people to be involved in esports, we see the NZ Esports Community Fund as an investment in the future of esports in New Zealand.

We recommend reading through the NZ Esports Community Fund guidelines below to help you to prepare your application.

Letter of Support

If you’re looking for external funding, the application below is designed to help you understand the various requirements needed for a successful grant submission from the wider funding ecosystem and to collect the necessary information for NZ Esports to provide you with our endorsement in the form of a letter of support. 

Regional trusts and other funding bodies will often require a letter of support from NZ Esports for your application to be successful. The NZ Esports team have designed this form from the feedback of many of our funding bodies around New Zealand. We will review all applications, and provide you with feedback, regardless of the outcome.

To help guide your application, we recommend you read the article below for a number of best practice guidelines to help you have a higher chance of success with your application.

NZ Esports Community Funding Application

One Application Per Month Limit

The community funding application is a service only available to individuals or organisations who hold a community or higher membership level.

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