NZ Esports Code of Conduct

NZ Esports Code of Conduct

When participating any any NZ Esport affiliated event, players agree to adhere to the NZ Esports Player Code of Conduct as well as the other NZ Esport Recognised Codes listed below.

1. Be Respectful

Show respect for those around you and your wider community. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

2. Be Honourable

Whether on or off the battleground, act with integrity, be a positive influence, support your fellow competitors. Respect your opponents, your supporters, contributors and family by being humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

3. Be Resilient

“Kia manawanui” Be strong, be patient, be courageous and persevere to achieve your potential. Strive to be the best you have to offer and build up those around you to be their best.

4. Be Inclusive

We are all gamers and are stronger together. Include each other and make sure everybody is having fun.

5. Be Positive

We all struggle sometimes, whether it be losing a match, dealing with difficult players on a team, or organising an event. However, we aim to lift others up in tough times, not drag those around us down.

NZ Esports Recognised Codes