The New Zealand Esports Federation is the solely recognised national sporting organisation for esports in New Zealand. Established to promote and represent esports in New Zealand to increase its level of awareness, improve standards and inspire future talent.

The New Zealand Esports Federation was set up with the aim to lead and support kiwis to positively shape the future of esports as the recognised voice of Esports in New Zealand.


We aim for every action we take at the New Zealand Esports Federation to contribute towards our core values.
It’s on these values we aspire to build the future of esports.

OUR VISION: To unite New Zealanders with each other and the world through Esports.

OUR MISSION: To lead, support and grow esports in New Zealand.

Inclusive Participation

To ensure that all New Zealanders have equal opportunity to participate in esports. To give a voice for positive change to all stakeholders in the NZ esports ecosystem.


To promote the social, health and educational benefits of esports and video games for youth and the wider community.


Advocate for a safe and controlled competitive environment that reinforces the sporting spirit of fair play and integrity.


Empower individuals to pursue esports with confidence across all levels of the industry. To empower youth to reach their full potential using the skills and attributes learned through esports.


NZ Esports Executive Committee

Women's Sub Committee

Meet the Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan ‘ Arkadian’ Jansen

Jonathan is starting as the first Chief Executive Officer of the organisation and brings a unique combination of strategic, operational and creative flair to the NZESF. As the former CEO of New Zealand Industry Qualifications, Jonathan has a passion for creating opportunities and outcomes and has been working to raise the national standard in computer literacy and computer skills in New Zealand schools. Jonathan has been a life-long gamer and involved in the esports scene since it’s inception in New Zealand. With first-hand experience of the industry from an athletes perspective, Jonathan is positioned to help take Esports to new heights.

Advisory Roles

Taikawa Tamati-Elliffe
Māori Culture Advisor

Ko Te Atua o Taiehu te mauka
Ko Otākou te tai

Ko Otākou te marae
Ko Kati-ruahikihiki , Kai te Pahi , Kati Hawea ngā hapu
Ko Kai Tahu , Taranaki ngā iwi
Ko Taikawa Tamati-Elliffe ahau
Tihei Mauriora

Papaki kau ana ngā tai o mihi – may the tides of greeting wash upon you
Kia Ora im Taikawa, By day I am the Māori Partnership and Pathways Manager at CODE Dunedin.
By night I am the Director and co-founder of Ngāti Gaming.
I grew up as the first generation of Kai Tahu te reo Māori revitilization project lead by the members of Kotahi Mano Kaika.
My passion for gaming started at a young age, where my friends and I would work our local driving range to earn enough to head to our local internet cafe all nighter.

For me gaming is about uniting people with a common cause to achieve your combined goals and objectives, This is my attitude heading forward in this industry.

I am an avid coffee drinker, photographer, videographer, and licenced drone pilot, but most importantly I enjoy motivating, inspiring, and challenging people through the content I create. Several years ago I started No Hands No Excuses, on YouTube, as a platform to motivate every day people to achieve their best, by showing them what a guy with fragile skin, and no hands, can get out there and do every day!

Over the years this has expanded, grown, and changed into many different avenues of creating art and content for people to enjoy, but also be inspired by. These days that includes being a Partnered Streamer on Twitch, playing video games 4 days a week, and showing the world that with a little kiwi ingenuity, a setup full of accessible adapted technology, and some awesome people in my corner that take a chance and work with me, I can give any game a go!

Humprey ‘NoHandsNZ’ Hanley
Accessibility & Disability Advisor

Belinda Hope
Community Grants & Funding Advisor

Belinda owns TenForward Technology Lounge, a specialised after school care and holiday programme that uses gaming as a tool to support social development skills for young people. We enjoy social team gaming on screens with each other, strategising together in the same room and learning better communication skills and teamwork, and also off screen gaming such as D&D and MTG. Our young people are keen to become esports athletes as they get older, and we hope that our grassroots supporting of positive behaviours and attitudes to gaming and other teammates and competitors will create a better environment for everyone to enjoy.

Belinda is a business and entrepreneurship mentor, and is also on the Board of SkateNZ to support both community and competitive sport.

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