Complaints Process

Everybody has the right to be heard.

NZ Esports and the Sport and Recreation Complaints Mediation Service (SRCMS) offer free and confidential complaint services to ensure you are heard.

NZ Esports is committed to ensuring that our sport is providing protected and positive experiences, for all involved. If anyone has something they think we need to know in the context of player wellbeing, then please get in touch with us via the form below.

Submit Complaint to NZ Esports

You may remain anonymous when submitting a complaint. However if you would like us to follow up with you, please include your preferred method of contact.

Submit Complaint to SRCMS

In some situations, you may not feel comfortable reaching out to NZ Esports with a specific complaint. If this is the case, you can contact the SRCMS directly with your complaint to access a free and independent mediation service.

The Sport and Recreation Complaints and Mediation Service is a complaints and mediation service for sport and recreation across Aotearoa New Zealand. The service is operated by Immediation New Zealand Limited, which has been contracted by Sport NZ to run the service independent of any sporting bodies, clubs and organisations. Its purpose is to ensure those with issues related to sport and recreation in Aotearoa New Zealand have a place to air their complaints and have them resolved fairly. The service is free and confidential.

Read more about the complaints process in the complaints guide below including:

  • The type of information you should include in a complaint
  • What happens after you make a complaint
  • How we protect your privacy
  • Remaining anonymous while making a complaint
  • Additional free services (e.g. translation, counselling, tribunal referral, investigation)


Important Information

Complaints about sport and recreation can come up in a range of contexts.
Examples of complaints you can make include, but are not limited to,
complaints about:

  1. Org or team management, culture, or policy
  2. Selection for a particular team
  3. Bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination
  4. Behavior of a coach, volunteer, manager, parent or player
  5. Inappropriate use of social media in an esport setting

You need to be at least 18 years of age to access this Service.

We are able to receive complaints about an issue relevant to a child or young person, however a parent or guardian must always be present during contact with the SRCMS.

Generally, complaints in a school context are out of scope, unless all other
avenues have been exhausted.

When making a complaint it is important to have support. We recommend that you talk about your complaint with at least one person you trust, for example:
a partner, family member, friend, colleague, sports professional, union or

 If possible, choose someone who has no connection to the
complaint so that they can give you impartial support and advice throughout the process. You may also wish to seek independent legal advice as we cannot provide you with legal advice.

Please note that we are a dispute resolution service provider, not a general
helpline or medical or psychological service.

We are conscious that often people who access our service may be in difficult or stressful scenarios and Sport NZ has asked us to provide an avenue for users of the service to access independent counselling.

Counselling services are available free of charge through EAP Services to
anyone connected with a dispute (including participants or those supporting them e.g. a family member). EAP Services are completely independent of the SRCMS but we can facilitate your use of the counselling. 

If you wish to utilise the confidential counselling please let us know.

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