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Auckland Parents & Teachers: Join our Project – Finding Common Ground

Assumptions. We all make them. Opinions. We all have them.

But what happens when these opinions and assumptions gather in the same place? And what happens when we share them with anyone beyond ourselves?

Esports and gaming have been widely discussed, and opinions and assumptions have formed about their impacts. But are these correct?

So, let’s discuss it. Let’s bring our opinions and discussions together and openly talk about it. No opinion is right or wrong, because this is Finding Common Ground.

There are a lot of ideas and questions around gaming and esports that make us feel uncomfortable and cause tension in society, relationships and families. Our goal is to have real, empathetic conversations between people with different beliefs and bring these out into the open.

Through a structured dialogue with a strong focus on open listening and understanding, Finding Common Ground seeks to humanise these complex and polarising issues to bridge divides and promote a greater understanding among people with differing views.

On Saturday, 14 September, from 9 am – 1 pm, at the Red Bull Headquarters in Auckland, eight participants will gather and be filmed engaging in a face-to-face group discussion. Each will hold their viewpoints, opinions, and assumptions.

Standing behind chairs a couple of feet away, the mediator reads a statement prompt out loud to the participants. Those who agree with the statement step forward and discuss why they agree, what opinions and beliefs they have regarding this. After a couple of minutes, the disagreeing participants step forward and share their opinions on why they disagree.

Listening to the responses and different opinions, we hope the participants engage with one another to understand why people agree or disagree and whether there is a way to help each other find common ground.

Examples of statements include: 

  • I believe that video games and esports have a positive impact on children.
  • Pursuing a career in esports is not a viable option for young people.
  • Gaming communities provide a sense of belonging for students.
  • Prolonged gaming has negative impacts on a child’s physical health.
  • Date: Saturday, 14 September
  • Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Location: 27 Mackelvie Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1011
  • Food and drinks will be supplied on the day
Final Thoughts:

Many people share the same questions, beliefs, opinions, and assumptions as you do. We need your help to uncover and discuss these openly without judgment, showcasing differing perspectives and their impact.

If you are a parent or teacher, are you willing to open your world and listen to other perspectives? Can your beliefs be shaped to help you understand the impact of gaming and esports in society? 

Opinions shared will be valued as there is no right or wrong answer. We want to hear from you, so join us in signing up and becoming one of our participants.

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