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New Zealand Esports and Basketball NZ Announce the eFIBA NBA2K 2024 Qualifier Combine: A World Stage for Kiwi Talent

Auckland, New Zealand – New Zealand Esports, in partnership with Basketball NZ, is excited to announce the eFIBA NBA2K 2024 Qualifier Combine, a landmark event that offers a unique opportunity for New Zealand’s passionate NBA2K basketball gaming community to showcase their skills and qualify to represent New Zealand on the world stage. The combine will take place on the 19th and 26th of August, with the final draft on the 27th of August.

This collaboration between traditional sport and esports represents a significant step forward in engaging with youth and expanding the horizons of basketball in New Zealand. The top six players will represent New Zealand at the eFIBA NBA2K 2024 Tournament.

Format & Details:

The combine will be conducted through online play, using Discord as a communication platform. Participants will go through a series of competitive matches to determine the final six players. The combine game version used will be PS5 only and next-gen version of NBA2K23.

The event will consist of two Open Combines on the 19th and 26th of August, followed by an Invite-Only Combine on the 27th of August. Both pre-formed teams and individual talents are encouraged to register and compete.

Partnership with Basketball NZ:

This collaboration between NZ Esports and Basketball NZ is a fusion of traditional sport and esports for the greater benefit of Kiwis. Bridging the gap between physical and virtual play, this partnership aims to foster a new era of participation, inclusivity, and innovation. It reflects a shared commitment to enriching the sporting landscape, offering new pathways for talent development, and engaging with a broader audience.

eFIBA Season 2

This event aligns with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and ESL FACEIT Group’s announcement of the second season of eFIBA, the national team competition on NBA 2K24. The competition engages with National Basketball Federations to provide the opportunity to prove themselves as the best nation on NBA2K.

Registration and Further Information:

Interested participants can find more details and register at

About New Zealand Esports:

New Zealand Esports is the national sporting organisation for Esports, committed to fostering the growth of esports in the country, providing platforms for competition, collaboration, and community engagement.

About Basketball NZ:

Basketball NZ is the national sporting organisation for basketball in New Zealand, dedicated to promoting the sport at all levels and providing opportunities for players, coaches, and fans.

Good Luck to everyone!

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