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Chorus backs NZ Esports with three-year Hyperfibre sponsorship

Chorus and New Zealand Esports have announced a three-year sponsorship that will see Chorus support the growth of esports in New Zealand, from grassroots initiatives to national championships.

The esports industry in New Zealand is growing rapidly, thanks in part to the increasing availability of high-speed broadband. This has enabled a new generation of gamers to enjoy the fast-paced action of competitive gaming. And fibre broadband is playing a significant role in making this possible.

With Chorus’ three-year sponsorship, NZ Esports will be able to continue its essential work in developing esports in New Zealand. This includes promoting grassroots participation, the social, health and educational benefits of esports, assisting local community organisations in engaging with youth and providing pathways for gamers pursuing esports as a career.

Chorus Chief Customer Officer, Ed Hyde, believes New Zealand’s fibre network will be pivotal for the sport’s growth. “We’re excited to be working with New Zealand Esports, and we’re looking forward to seeing New Zealand’s esports teams achieve great things.

“Esports is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide; here, more than two-thirds of Kiwis, from all walks of life, are regular gamers. One of the reasons for this growth is the availability of fibre high-speed broadband internet, and our flagship Hyperfibre family of broadband plans offer the low-latency, high-speed connectivity that is perfect for gamers at all levels.”

Inaugural New Zealand Esports Federation CEO Jonathan Jansen sees esports as a booming industry, with competitive gaming events attracting large audiences and significant investment.

“Kiwi gamers know we are incredibly fortunate to live in a country where the internet isn’t a barrier to the competitive experience. To be supported by the organisation that has built our playing field, to connect more gamers and remove more barriers to the international stage, is something we’re incredibly grateful for.

“With the inaugural, open-entry NZ Esports Hyperfibre League set to get underway in August, our partnership with Chorus will help us nurture and develop our local talent. It also raises a flag to let the rest of the world know we have incredible infrastructure and that we’re open for business when it comes to providing a world-class gaming experience.”

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