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World Esports Championship 2023: Chris and Josh’s Journey

Chris “MysteriousRiver” Hu and Josh “JMKKing” King represented the E Blacks on an unforgettable journey in the 2023 World Esports Championship. Flying all the way from New Zealand to Iași, Romania.

Chris – MysteriousRiver

Chris, a respectable Tekken 7 player in the New Zealand Community. He demonstrated his exceptional skills during the group stage of the competition. In a series of quality matches against opponents from around the world, including the Maldives, Denmark, Malta, and the Dominican Republic, Chris secured three impressive victories and only dropping one series to Denmark in a very close match. Chris reflected “I survived the group stage and emerged as the second seed from my pool. I played calmly throughout and didn’t lose to the things I shouldn’t have.”

He advanced out of his group stage in second place, where he fell short against Madagascar in match that was close and intense. His performance throughout the competition was nothing short of outstanding, leaving a lasting impression on everyone.

Sharing his thoughts on the experience, Chris also said,  “I learned a lot from the two weeks spent playing with international players, especially those of the highest level. Mainly, I realised I needed to work on my character knowledge, patience, and emotional control. I appreciate the entire trip and opportunity. As for Iași, it is a beautiful city with a rich culture and history.”

Josh – JMKKing

Josh, once again, found himself in the “Group of Death.” His opponents included powerhouses from Wales, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, Ireland, and Brazil. Despite the tough competition, Josh displayed unwavering determination.

With two wins and three losses, he narrowly missed securing a spot in the next stage of eFootball, but his resilience and competitive spirit were undeniable. His achievements in reaching this stage of the tournament were remarkable.

Josh shared his thoughts with us “At the IESF WEC, I felt well-prepared and worked hard in the lead-up. In the group stage, I needed a top-three finish to progress to the knockouts but fell just short, ending fourth in my group. The first day’s results hurt my chances, and external factors like heat and overthinking affected my performance. On the second day, I relaxed and stuck to the plan, resulting in better play, but it wasn’t enough. We had a great time exploring Iași, a city with historic charm and stunning architecture, which was a unique experience for us coming from New Zealand.”

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