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In 2020, the New Zealand Esports Federation was formally recognised by Sport NZ as the official National Sports Organisation for Esports. 

National Sports Organisation and/or “NSO” means a national sporting body that is recognised by the government as that sport’s peak representative body. The role of an NSO can vary between sports, but generally they exist to help provide and implement strategic direction, provide a voice for the sport, and create opportunities to participate internationally.

As part of our registered constitution, the objectives of the New Zealand Esports Federation are to:

  • Promote participation in esports in New Zealand
  • To advocate for the recognition of esports as an indoor sport in New Zealand and inclusion in the Olympics
  • Promote the social, health and educational benefits of esports and video games for youth and the wider community
  • Promote a health and balanced lifestyle for esport participants
  • Act as a regulatory body for esport events and competitions in New Zealand
  • To carry out any activity or support any person or organisation that may contribute to the above objects




  • We promote esports and its benefits to the general public
  • We advocate for fair play and fair treatment for all involved in the esports ecosystem
  • We promote integrity and provide global rules and resources on anti-doping, match fixing and corruption to our members
  • We build international pathways to ensure kiwis have the opportunity to represent our country on the global stage
  • We increase participation through
    • educating schools, parents and players
    • supporting our members to host effective esport events
    • connecting volunteers, talent and players to local esport organisations
  • We support and protect our members to ensure
    • Players and teams have the best chance of success
    • Players can compete while maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle
    • Esport organisations can run successful events and engage with their communities
    • Esport events can be run with confidence and competitive integrity
  • We are a voice for esports in NZ to ensure we are heard, included, understood and represented


  • We do not provide funding
    • But we do help organisations to learn how to apply for funding
  • We do not offer legal advice
    • But we do assist you in seeking independent legal advice
  • We do not decide how teams, players, or organisations choose to engage in esports
    • But we do listen to your needs as a member to help overcome universal challenges all our members may face
  • We do not own or maintain a professional esports team
    • But we do give local esports teams the opportunity to represent New Zealand at country-represented esports events as the E Blacks

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