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NZ Esports $10k Community Fund is now open!

NZ Esports is proud to announce the launch of the NZ Esports Community Fund, designed to promote the growth of esports in our local communities. The fund will give financial support for esports initiatives that may not be able to secure funding through traditional channels.

The purpose of the fund is to encourage youth participation in esports, foster the expansion of the competitive gaming scene in New Zealand, and contribute to NZ Esports’ strategic objectives. The fund will accept submissions from any member with a Community Membership or higher, including tournament organisers, team managers, and gamers with innovative ideas.

The fund is sourced from a percentage of all membership annual fees, with $10,000 being allocated by the NZ Esports board as a kick-start. 

Jonathan Jansen, the CEO at NZ Esports acknowledged the difficulties esports community members in New Zealand have in acquiring funding for their events. “The Community Fund is our way of supporting people working hard to promote and grow esports in New Zealand with much-needed financial support.”

NZ Esports encourages members of the community to apply for money from the Community Fund. Jonathan Jansen stated, “We are interested in hearing from anyone doing the hard work in the community who has a great idea that would help young people, grow esports, or contribute to our strategic goals.”.

You can learn more about the Community Fund at 

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