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Competitive Ruling: Malicious Falsehood

Disclaimer: The information within this competitive ruling provided by NZ Esports may contain sensitive content or mature themes that may offend some readers. This information is intended to provide transparency of our disciplinary process. 


On the 22nd of September, a player in the High School Esports League was reported to be making extreme defamatory statements in regards to a tournament official. 

Due to the extreme nature of these malicious falsehoods and the significant impact on the subject of these claims, the player will face a five year ban for all national sanctioned esport events, with a probationary appeal window after three years.

NZ Esports will not be pressing charges, but will support the individual impacted by this claim if they decide to do so. NZ Esports is also committed to assisting to seek mental and wellbeing support to the individual impacted by this claim.


On the 22nd of September, a screenshot was reported of a player in the High School Esports League making extreme defamatory statements towards a tournament official.

Redacted Transcript

(10:01pm) [Player 1] : Lowkey tempted to spread a rumor abt [X]..”

(10:01pm) [Player 1]  : he didn’t do anything to me im just jfndjdjdj bored..”

(10:02pm) [Player 1]  : he groomed me D: that’s how [SCHOOL] won their games because he was in my dms..”

(10:02pm) [Player 1]  : he said if I told anyone he would punish me..”

(10:02pm) [Player 1] : So we met up..”

(10:02pm) [Player 1]  : At Armageddon..”

(10:02pm) [Player 1]  : And he ****** me in the Pokémon booth..”

Once notified, the tournament organizer sent an email out to all schools in the league to notify them of this report and escalated this issue to NZ Esports.

NZ Esports supported the decision to remove [X] from all operations while an investigation began, noting the significant personal, emotional and professional distress caused by these extreme claims. NZ Esports recommended the involvement of the NZ Police. 

After the submission window was opened, the player submitted a formal apology expressing that she had not interacted with him in real life or online and the comments made were “..a joke and I had no intention of following through.”.

Relevant Rules

NZ Esport Code of Conduct
Extension: Sport NZ Integrity Framework

Member safeguarding
Every person involved in play, active recreation and sport has the right to be treated with respect and fairness, and to be safe and protected from abuse. Providers have a responsibility to ensure that everyone involved in their activities is aware of their legal and ethical rights and responsibilities.


A Special Review Panel was formed to rule on this incident according to the Special Review Panel Formation regulation in the NZ Esports Disciplinary Procedures

“We had the opportunity to speak with a support person, who clarified questions from the panel and also gave their support, as this was her first serious offence from their knowledge. However, the panel has decided the victim impact on this case is extreme, and should not be taken lightly. The reasoning and actions should not be condoned. As the student is leaving High School, we took this into consideration, which reflects this in our ruling.

  • Ruling and recommendation:
    • NZ Esports should not press charges. However, if [X] decides to take this matter further and press charges, we will support their decision.
    • Netsafe – we would like to get information from them on whether there are any additional actions we can take i.e. a form of black mark against their name.
    • Long term ban with probation period: We recommend a national ban for a period of five years with the option to dispute their case at year three. She will have three months to file and submit her case, if she fails to do so, her probation period will end and she will have to serve out the rest of the time until the five years is complete.”

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