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Rainbow 6 is another title which has a long history but unlike the others its esports story is only really relevant in the game of Siege. Released back in 2015 Siege it entered esports pretty early as a more modern take on the tactical team based shooter genre which gamers were familiar with. The game had started off well enough but really picked up in popularity as the years went on as more players fell in love with the game and a strong community formed. Though in a similar genre to a few other esports, Siege stood out by focusing much more on having a plan and executing it flawlessly with your team.

The goal of Siege is simple enough, attackers need to deploy an objective in a certain area while defenders try to hold them out. A growing roster of 60 operators with different gadgets to select and a good handful of maps to learn adds more layers of strategy for players to master. It’s easy to mess up slightly and be eliminated for the whole round so execution of covering your team as they cover you is critical and the time limit for each round puts the pressure on attackers. With all the different characters and loadout options players can choose to play more supportive roles or even look to be the one leading the charge. The game is difficult but rewarding to learn so practice is absolutely key to winning competitive matches.

Rainbow six in Esports

Rainbow 6: Siege is certainly a game built with esports in mind. From very early in its life it had professional leagues officially supported by the game developers Ubisoft. The esports scene has always had a very passionate community which has been a big reason for its growth over the years and nowadays the support from Ubisoft is stronger than ever with regular competitive leagues all around the league with many different skill brackets. It’s important to note that while Siege is played on both PC and consoles, the vast majority of esports is played on PC with a keyboard and mouse.


With the support of the game’s developer there has always been a healthy amount of prizes to aim for and always a path to the top where the biggest pools are. Even in the early days prize pools of thousands of dollars were common which has grown all the way to the biggest international event, the Six Invitational, offering $3,000,000 in it’s prize pool in 2021. The viewership has also stayed strong with the Invitational peaking over 300 thousand viewers at once.


In New Zealand we have access to many great leagues in the ANZ regional leagues which spread across the year and span different skill levels. Siege has also introduced a women’s league in our region with its own prize pools and community which has been consistent and a great success.

Information for Parents

Siege can be a difficult game to learn but luckily enough it’s easy enough to follow along with an understanding of the core objective. The ranked mode in Siege can vary in length due to being a round based game though the . Quick games can be over in a handful of rounds in as quick as 10 minutes and very close games can go a long time with a hard limit of a little 40 minutes after 9 rounds. When played in tournaments games will have a few more rounds added so are slightly longer. With strategy being as important as their aim, players will develop different useful skills from reaction speed and hand-eye coordination to communication and planning.


Siege has a very consistent esports scene and clear path to the top here in Oceania so most players can jump into competing right away even if it’s just for practice. Another benefit to having multiple skill brackets to compete in is there are even more roles for non players to get involved if they just love the game. These can include things like coaching and managing a team but also extends well beyond to anything from commentating the game, refereeing a match or even being the “spectator” by controlling the in-game camera for the viewers.


The game does have a New Zealand age rating of R16 mostly due to the real world weapons and mature themes of combat. Siege also features matchmaking where the game finds both opponents and any extra teammates you need for your match. This allows players to queue as a team of up to 5 together or play solo with 4 random players. Even in casual games players will need quick communication to play their best so microphones are recommended when trying to win and they are basically essential when playing the ranked mode and of course in competitions. A common third party program players use is Discord.



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