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NZ Esports To Invest $55,000 In Key Delivery Partners

Ready, set, go!

It’s time to step up and bring your A-game to the New Zealand esports scene! NZ Esports is looking for NZ delivery partners to help it launch several exciting domestic esports leagues. This is your chance to join the rapidly expanding esports industry and leave your mark on the New Zealand gaming community.

NZ Esports is investing an initial grant of $55,000 towards successful delivery partners, not only providing financial assistance but also marketing and commercialization assistance to make sure the competitions are a success for years to come. This is a fantastic opportunity for those with Silver Accredited Tournament Organizer status or higher to showcase their skills and bring the excitement of esports to New Zealand communities.

The application period begins on February 1st and ends on February 15th. Make sure to submit your proposals through the links below.

Update 7th February

We have made a change to the game titles listed in NZ Esports High School League and NZ Esports Hyperfibre League. As we continue our discussions with Riot Games to include League of Legends and Valorant in these two events, this is not yet confirmed. We have adjusted the Scope of Works to reflect this as game titles may change.

Update 10th February

We have extended the deadline for all RFPs until the 20th of February.

— Submissions have now closed —


NZ Esports High School League

$10,000 Startup Grant

NZ Esports Hyperfibre League

$35,000 Startup Grant

NZ Esports SIM Racing Championship

$5,000 Startup Grant

NZ Esports Arena Classic

$5,000 Startup Grant

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