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Should I Let My Child Play Esports With His Or Her Friends?

Should I Let My Child Play Esports With His Or Her Friends?

Parents often worry about their kids spending too much time playing video games instead of studying, playing sports, spending time with their families, or socialising with their friends. Gaming addiction is always a concern when a child starts playing esports, but the games themselves offer numerous benefits to young people. So as long as it doesn’t become an addiction, this activity is actually one of the best hobbies that a young person can have. Here are some of the reasons.

Esports Are Challenging

Esports are nothing more than sophisticated forms of chess. They have hundreds of elements that you need to learn and understand in order to become good at them. That exercise alone will benefit a child tremendously. Because it will teach them that they can engage in a process and master something over a long period of time.

Unlike trivial games, esports force people to think things through and develop their strategic thinking. You are constantly asked to make good decisions and put your resources to optimal use. A match is not simply a form of entertainment. It is a mental battle between two teams. You need to outsmart the other side and think all the time. At a high enough level, an esports match is a demanding intellectual exercise.

Esports Give People A Way To Socialise And Collaborate

Because esports are generally team-based, they give people a way of communicating and collaborating with others. At their best, they are an extremely satisfying exercise in digital warfare that can develop your personality by teaching you what it means to work in a group and have a positive impact on its success.

Because esports matches are so intense and everybody wants to win, they teach you a lot about winning, losing, keeping your temper, human character, and so on.

Esports As A Cultural Phenomenon

Right now, esports is a language spoken by more than half a billion people worldwide. And the industry is growing at a rapid pace. In 5-10 years it will be huge. If you allow your child to play esports, he or she will have a common area of interest with others around the globe. And you never know when that bit of shared culture will provide a great opportunity.


Young people should always be made aware of the fact that their studies and real-world responsibilities should always be the number 1 priority. As long as you and your child are in agreement regarding how much is too much and what is reasonable, allowing them to engage in esports would be beneficial for both of you.

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