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How Esports Improves Your Wellbeing

How Esports Improves Your Wellbeing

 People who have never played esports and video games tend to have a false impression that gaming is bad for you. But in fact, this activity has numerous hidden benefits. Here are 7 of them:

It Improves Your Creativity

Being fantasy worlds created by highly creative people, video games are full of challenges and experiences that teach you to think in creative ways. The solutions you need to find to the problems you are faced with cannot be arrived at otherwise. And while some games are more demanding than others, almost all video games provide you with excellent exercises in creative thinking and puzzle-solving.

It Helps You Deal With Suffering

Video games simulate real life and fully captivate your attention. So if you’re dealing with a difficult situation, such as the loss of a loved one or any kind of internal suffering, they are a great antidepressant. The mixture of visual beauty, sound beauty, challenge, literature, and purpose they provide can be much better than the destructive means people often use to numb their pain. And it’s also cheap.

It Helps You To Socialize

People who don’t play games often have a feeling that gamers don’t socialize. It’s the exact opposite: they play esports and other types of video games precisely because it gives them the ability to collaborate with others, socialize, and achieve something as part of a group.

Sometimes, people find their wife or their husband playing video games. Or they develop friendships that last a lifetime. Even though they lack the visual component that gives “real-life” connections realism, they more than compensate for it with the challenges they provide. It is well-known that when you go with someone through hardships or an adventure in which you need to overcome obstacles, you experience something profound during that time and you forge a deeper kind of relationship with that person. In effect, you’re brothers in arms.

It Improves Your Strategic Abilities

Video games require you to constantly figure out a way to win or a strategy that leads to success. And to form such a strategy you need to make decisions, establish priorities, utilize your resources in a smart way, communicate and synchronize with your team, and pay close attention to what your opponent is doing, in order to counteract his actions.

As you can imagine, this continuous exercise inevitably leads to a greater ability to think strategically about anything.

It Curbs Your Hunger

People who have a tendency to snack will find themselves doing that far less frequent if they play video games. And that’s because a game completely engages your attention and leaves no room for thoughts about food. People who are passionate gamers not only have fewer problems with overeating. They tend to forget about it completely and need to remind themselves to get up and go to the fridge.

How Video Games Have Helped People in New Zealand During the Pandemic

Isolation can be depressing and the Covid-19 crisis forced a lot of people to distance themselves from their friends and even their families. Video games, being great at fulfilling needs and giving you a purpose, have assisted them in keeping their minds active during a time of non-activity. In particular, esports have offered people the chance to be part of a team and cooperate with others. This may not be as satisfactory as real interactions, but at least it’s something that can help you to get rid of boredom and loneliness.

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