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As a game that has truly stood the test of time Dota 2 is absolutely drenched in history. Hailing from the modded map on Warcraft 3, the original Dota game exploded in popularity being the most popular custom way to play the game by far. It spawned an entire genre called MOBA’s (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) with the most notable game being League of Legends. Released back in 2013 Dota 2 entered the gaming scene to modernise the custom map and give the game not just a fresh look but a future as it’s own game.


Since then it has grown bigger and bigger and has some of the most passionate fans of any game who love to watch the biggest matches together especially when the annual International event is on.

Unlike many modern esports titles Dota 2 prefers to stick to a lot of traditional values from its early days. This means Dota 2 has remained quite complex with a lot more to learn and practice than similar games. Like other MOBAs it is played with two teams of five aiming to conquer their opponents base. While on the surface the main goal is quite simple, it’s roster of over 120 heroes, 208 items and so many other small elements on the map with their own strategies needed, the game can take a while to learn and far longer to master.  With its massive number of heroes players can choose how they want to play whether that’s as a support to help their team, a wizard disrupting their opponents or even the main damage dealer to “carry” their team.

In Esports

Dota 2 has spent its entire life as an esport game and even most of its life as the original Dota. It has developed to having multiple circuits in different regions around the world with prize pools in the tens of thousands and some reaching 6 figures. There are also major events which involve all the regions and have prize pools of half a million dollars.

But if you’re talking prize money in Dota 2 one event stands well above not just every other Dota league but every other esport and even most traditional sports leagues like the NBA. That event is the International which acts as the world championship and boasted a prize pool of over ten million dollars back in 2014 and broke it’s own record each year with 2021 having a pool of more than forty million dollars. The event was played out over a few weeks and in 2021 had over 100 million hours watched by fans around the world.

Here in New Zealand Dota 2 has seen play in our secondary and tertiary leagues around the country thanks to it being free to play and also having low requirements for the computer it’s played on.


As a more traditional MOBA the matches can be a bit longer lasting from 20 minutes to over an hour averaging closer to 40 minutes and in ranked matches the hero select itself can add almost 10 minutes more on its own as it’s a crucial part of the strategy required. Communication, memory, hand eye coordination and even mental fortitude are all skills players will develop even in casual games with their mates and especially when playing seriously in ranked mode or in a competition.


Most players in Dota 2 play it casually which is actually quite different to competing. There is a ranked mode where players will try their best to win but even that is usually on their own. When played as an esport Dota 2 can benefit from a huge variety of talents outside of playing the game. These can include things like coaching and managing a team but also extends well beyond to anything from commentating the game, refereeing a match or even being the “spectator” by controlling the in-game camera for the viewers.


Dota 2 requires a Steam account to play which has an age restriction of 13 and above. It features matchmaking where the game finds both opponents and any extra teammates you need for your match. This allows players to queue as a team of up to 5 together or play solo with 4 random players. In casual games players can get by with just using the chat in game but when playing seriously they’ll need quick communication so will usually jump into voice chat in a third party program such as Discord.



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