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Aotearoa Hado Showdown

Shore Junction, in an exciting partnership with Hado NZ and NZ Esports, is all set to host the first-ever national Hado tournament in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Coined the “Aotearoa Hado Showdown”, the stage is set for two riveting days of competition on 5th and 12th August. This is where the country’s top Hado players are going to duke it out, and you won’t want to miss it!

Picture dodgeball meeting the digital world – that’s Hado. It’s an electrifying mix of real-world agility and virtual gaming thrills. In a high-octane showdown, teams of three will use strategy and quick reflexes to dodge, shield, or face an onslaught of energy balls.

Whether you’re a Hado pro or a curious newcomer, we’re inviting gamers of all skill levels to come along and get involved in this mesmerising augmented-reality sport.

And here’s where things get even more exciting. Throughout the tournament, scouts will be on the prowl for talented individuals who could potentially make up the NZ Hado E Blacks team for the 2023 Hado World Cup. On top of this thrilling opportunity, there are plenty of prizes to be won throughout the tournament.

Best of all, it won’t cost you a dime to join this spectacular event. Just head over to, select the August tournament, and pencil in the 5th and 12th August in your calendars. But get in quick, as registrations close on 31st July. We’re super pumped to see who will emerge as NZ’s top Hado team. Get in on the action, and who knows, it could be you!

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