Event Calendar Submission Rules

  • It is free to list community and free events
  • Events must be open to New Zealand residents or competitors
  • Listing’s which are commercial in nature require a paid membership
  • This event calendar is displayed for information purpose only
  • NZESF disclaims and excludes any liability relating to the operation of the event or a failure by the operator of the event to pay any promised amounts to participants
  • Allow up to six business days for an event to be approved
  • The listing of an event does not mean the Federation automatically endorses or sanctions the event
  • By submitting your event to the NZESF event calendar, you warrant and undertake that:
    • All information submitted is accurate and complete
    • You have obtained all required permissions from applicable game publishers and other holders of related IP rights
    • Your conduct of the event will be in line with all applicable law and regulations
    • The NZESF reserves the right to not list or remove your event if it is deemed to be in breach of any of the above rules


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