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NZ Esports launches the Accredited Tournament Organiser (ATO) programme

The Accredited Tournament Organizer (ATO) programme has been launched by NZ Esports. The programme is intended to recognise tournament organisers (TOs) who run high-quality events while also providing a framework to assist TOs in adopting important safety and quality standards.

The ATO programme is a multi-tiered initiative that allows TOs who already run events to apply for NZ Esports endorsement. Those who meet the criteria will be granted permission to use the ATO trademark to promote their events. The program’s goal is to provide a path and resources for aspiring tournament providers to grow at their own pace without having to worry about the more time-consuming aspects of running a safe esports competition. This programme is run independently from the NZ Esports membership to remove any cost barriers associated with being acknowledged and being able to reward and engage with community members based on merit.

TOs must review the criteria outlined on the Accredited Tournament Organizer website and fill out an application to participate in the programme. If any criteria are missing, NZ Esports can assist organisers in progressing to the next level. Once the application is completed, it will be reviewed by NZ Esports, and if approved, organisers will be sent an agreement that will grant them the right to use the NZ Esports Accredited Tournament Organizer trademark as well as a number of other benefits.

In the near future, when NZ Esports is looking for delivery partners for national championship events and E Black qualifiers, it will turn to its ATOs. The program’s goal is to foster accountability, trust, and opportunity in order to improve the esports experience in New Zealand.

Jonathan Jansen from NZ Esports says “I’m really excited to launch this program and my words of advice if you’re a New Zealand tournament organiser: Sign up! We are preparing to invest heavily in our ATOs, so be a part of the movement!”.

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