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John McRae, Vice-President and International Representative for the NZESF resigns

After years of service to improving esports in our country, New Zealand Esports Federation founding member and current Vice-President John McRae has resigned from the federation’s executive committee during Wednesday’s scheduled New Zealand Esports Federation board meeting.

As part of his resignation, McRae stated that he was proud of the direction the Federation was moving and that now it was time to let esports enter a new chapter in New Zealand. 

“I am delighted that today, a new entrant into esports in New Zealand has a financially independent national body it can turn to for direction and support. That our industry is represented by a plurality of voices and that young Kiwis can officially represent their country as an esports player. When I first proposed the Federation this was not the case.

I am confident given the Federation’s strong foundations that it will continue to go from strength to strength under your leadership. I’ve truly valued the opportunity to be part of an organisation and committee with purpose and walk a road that not many have walked.”

In 2015 McRae’s company VADR Media founded, a company which has gone from strength to strength as one of Aotearoa’s premier esports organisations. That work with LPL directly influenced the creation of the NZESF and has been integral to getting the Federation to where we are today. Executive member of the NZESF, Duane Mutu, also spoke on his resignation:

John was the true founding member of the New Zealand Esports Federation, and when we look back on the history books of esports in Aotearoa, he was one of the visionaries who started this journey for future generations to enjoy. With his vision, relentless work towards recognition and dedication he leaves a legacy which can not be denied. I wish John all the best and thank him for his historic contribution to NZ esports.

Following McRae’s resignation, current President Conor English introduced a motion to induct the former Vice-President as a Life Member of the Federation, a motion which was unanimously passed. Speaking on behalf of the board, English also wished McRae well on his future endeavours. 

“John should be extremely proud of the effort he has put in to esports in New Zealand and the difference he has made. The outcomes achieved have been magnificent, and John can take massive satisfaction from his contribution. 

We hope to still be able to tap into John’s knowledge, connections and skills going forward and we appreciate your continued interest. I am quite sure that your knowledge, focus, energy and enthusiasm will pay dividends in our commercial and any other efforts going forward. You’re one of a kind, and we have been fortunate to have had your input.”

In addition to leaving his role as Vice-President, McRae has also left his previously held international representation position at the Federation and Wednesday’s committee meeting also sought to fill the gap left behind. Open nominations were held and upon the committee’s unanimous decision that two representatives should fill the role, Nikolasa Biasiny-Tule and Duane Mutu were subsequently elected unanimously as the Federation’s new international representatives. 

John McRae’s resignation was effective as of the 17th March, 2022, and everyone at the New Zealand Esports Federation wishes him the best of luck going forward.

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