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NZ Esports Research Group by Honoco

The following opportunity and post is delivered by Honoco, a Kiwi research company.

Here’s your chance to shape the future of gaming AND earn some cash at the same time.

Can you spare 15-30 mins (max), for 5 days, to be part of an online focus group that will help you and the NZ Esports community level-up?

We know you care about the meta, and we would love to hear what you think about the gaming environment, opportunities, and pathways to team rosters in NZ.

AND we’ll pay you for your time with a $50 Prezzy Card!

If you’re interested, here are the full details, including how to sign up:

The Project

We are Honoco, a Kiwi research company on a mission to create meaningful partnerships between sports and businesses.

We are looking for Kiwi gamers and aspiring esports athletes to help take part in an online research project that will help gamers get more of what they love from their gaming experience.

What’s In It For Me?

Be heard and help design and support the future of esports in New Zealand.

Also, if you take part in all 5 days of the focus group, you will receive a guaranteed $50 Prezzy Card voucher. Which you can use for a new game on steam, some in-game currency of your choice, or buy anything you can pay for by VISA.

Who Are You Looking For?

Anyone who loves gaming! Whether your play after work or school, socially, or are starting to think about entering competitions, you can be part of this research project.

What Is the Project?

An online focus group. You will log into our digital community (available on all devices – mobile, tablet and desktop), complete a few tasks and share your thoughts on certain topics (interesting ones, we promise!)

What Will I do?

Each day we’ll send you a task or two to complete. These will range from sharing your private thoughts on certain topics to participating in group discussions and giving honest feedback on some ideas.


What Dates and Times?

The online focus group kicks off later in May and runs through 5 consecutive days.

We’ll only need you for 15-30 minutes per day, and you can hop online at any time during that day or night to share your input – whenever suits you best.

Keen? Great! Complete this short survey to sign up:

Good on you for sticking your hand up! We and New Zealand Esports appreciate it.


The Honoco Research Team